The Texture King has been texturing ceilings in Calgary for over a decade. This company is owner operated which means you will not beat my quality or my prices.

Popcorn texture removal, Knockdown application, step 4: Scraping off as much popcorn texture as possible

Most oil painted popcorn textured ceilings are impossible to scrape. Because this particular popcorn texture was sprayed on rather light I was able to scrape off some of the kernels to make the job of skimming a flat layer of mud easier.

Below is a comparison of scraped to not scraped oil painted popcorn texture ceiling

 You can see that even though I was able to scrape off all of the popcorn kernels there is still a layer of oil paint that remains on the drywall. This will prevent my mud from setting up properly to create a nice knockdown finish.

Below the ceiling is scraped as much as possible and instead of seeing drywall you see a combination of oil paint and texture.

The ceiling is now as flat as possible and will require only a thin layer of mud to completely cover it. If the kernels where still on I would use twice as much mud to cover the ceiling.

Step 5: Skim coating the ceiling with a layer of drywall mud

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