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Popcorn texture removal, Knockdown application, step 1: Inspecting the existing popcorn texture

The pictures below and throughout this post are from a recent popcorn texture removal and popcorn application job I did.

The Steps used in this procedure
1. Inspecting the existing popcorn texture
2: Inspecting the Drywall
3, part 1: Protecting the floors
3, part 2: Protecting the walls
4: Scraping off as much popcorn texture as possible
5: Skim coating the ceiling with a layer of drywall mud
6: Priming with latex paint and applying the knock down texture

When a customer calls me and inquires about the removal of popcorn texture the first thing I usually ask is "Do you know if the popcorn texture has been painted with either a latex or oil based paint?". The reason I ask this is because it determines the process for removing the old texture.

An easy way to tell if your popcorn texture has been painted or not
Simply take the palm of your hand and gently rub it on the ceiling. 1. If the texture has never been painted it will easily crumble off. 2. If the texture has been painted with a latex paint then it will still crumble off but it will be brittle and take more force to crumble off or may not come off at all depending on how much paint has been applied. 3. If the popcorn texture has been painted with an oil based paint then it will be as hard as a rock and even jabbing at it with a putty knife would not damage the texture at all.

Below are pictures of an oil painted popcorn texture ceiling that I replaced with a knock down texture ceiling.

The most common reasons for oil painting popcorn textured ceilings is to freshen up a texture that has had its nice bright white finish tainted from some event such as a water leak, smoking or old age.
Popcorn texture that has been oil painted will appear shiny where as unpainted texture has a nice dull finish.
Scraping off oil painted popcorn texture is almost impossible and there is a simpler and inexpensive method. Instead of removing the texture a layer of mud can be applied over top of it to create a fresh surface for paint or new texture. The cost of removing the texture and applying a layer of mud over the texture are similar.

Step 2: Inspecting the drywall

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