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Popcorn texture removal, Knockdown application, step 2: Inspecting the Drywall

Problems needing to be addressed with the drywall
Over time the drywall underneath the popcorn texture can become damaged. Some examples of drywall damage   are stains caused by water leaks, holes and other damage caused by removing or installing fixtures and problems with the taping and mudding that may be a result of faulty work, water damage or just old age.

Below are several pictures of the ceiling I recently dealt with

The photo below shows where moisture has not only stained the drywall but has also caused a very small section of the tape to begin cracking. A crack this small is an easy fix. No extra charge and a small stain like this should be hidden by my primer paint after scraping.

Another small moisture stain in the drywall and showing through the popcorn texture. My primer will hide this

Below are 3 more pictures of stains showing through the popcorn texture and therefor must also exist in the drywall. These stains remain in the drywall but when the ceiling is oil painted already they should not show through into the new texture and should disappear after priming paint is applied. Stains present in a textured ceiling that has not been oil painted will most likely have the stain pulled from the drywall into the primer and texture as all materials are water based. To hide a stain an oil based paint must be used or for small stains a small mist spray of 50 percent water 50 percent bleach can be applied which turns the texture white.

Below is a very poor patch job that sticks out like a sore thumb. I will need to rip off the old tape, scrape the popcorn texture off to the best of my ability in that section and then re tape and mud. Small taping and mudding jobs like this I dont mind doing but do recommend a taper for larger taping needs.

Below the popcorn texture and drywall had been damaged by track lighting. After removing the light fixture 2 finger sized holes where left in the drywall. If there are only a few I do not mind filling them prior to texturing but if there are many holes you will need to have them filled prior to my arrival.

Step 3: Protecting the floors

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